LIFE of 24 hours

This was my first piece of work and so it has been very close to my heart. I wrote it about 8 years back.

Our whole life can be compared to a day in which all men and women play their parts. With the freshness of dawn,our life begins with freshness and calmness of infancy. As our day progresses our life also progresses. After the dawn, morning arrives in a day, like the stage of school child arrives in our life. After the departure of of morning, the day becomes alert and starts glittering with the sunlight. Similarly,in our life the stage of adolescence comes which is followed by the stage in which man becomes enthusiastic,hot tempered like the fearing brightness of the sun. After he outgrows this stage, he falls in the age of maturity,wisdom & family person.Then the day falls in the hands of dusk,where the dusk starts gathering its family members, i.e stars. As the sun sets in a day,the enthusiasm in our life also sets and our life switches on to the old age. After the twilight, the night comes, which is a sign of the ending of the day & in our life the stage of senility comes which ends our eventful life. This is how a day has, its day & night and our life has birth & death.


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