Love hurts..

What have you done, oh girl of my dreams,
Have hurt me deep, giving grief and screams.

I don’t know why is this happening with us,
Have you left me or love left us?

I can’t believe you don’t love me now,
And now being alone, why should I live and how?

Pain is piercing and woeful are my days,
You have broken me in countless mysterious ways.

This act of yours has brought me tears,
Will not love anyone, have given me fears.

You have hurt me like hell, left in agony and despair,
With no one there, for my feelings to share.

If you leave me, I’ll be a living man dead,
Will b in elegy and will get mad.

Never ever say that tragic line,
You’re going forever and will not be mine….

Written : March’09

19 responses to “Love hurts..

  1. ahem ahem ….. har kahi aashiqi laga rakhi hai… dude r u olryt.. 😛
    neways awesum work super duper like 🙂

  2. I assume this is one of your earlier poems because there is a juvenile earnestness in this while your recent works are more matured. Or probably, a subject like this is expressed best when it has that adolescent immatureness attached to it and almost has an autobiographical flavor to it..

    However, this work invariably reminded me of a very old poem “Inspiration embraced” that I had written. the only difference being that unlike this, the poem ended on a happier note. 🙂

    • Yes Jyoti, you guessed it right. And, I even agree to the second line, it’s much more touching if you can connect with the lines easily and feel what it conveys.
      You don’t blog? Where I can read that poem of yours? I would love to..

      Thanks for the wonderful response 🙂

  3. The tradition of love poems is very old. In all ages across the globe people have written love poems and yet, not everything has been written. Everyone has a a love story and all of us tend to describe it with passion, earnestness, immaturity, love, pain, suffering, agony, restlessness, disappointment and the likes, but still every love poem has something novel about it.

    When I read love poems, it gives me an assurance that we haven’t changed and man is still capable of falling in love with another fellow human being with such passion. 🙂

    • ye you can find a plethora of love poems. and i feel that just happens coz sometimes they come directly from heart. you need not always create a scene, playing with words.

      • You see, that’s why they say that words are poor substitutes of our emotions. No matter how much you try to be true to it and express faithfully, it is always a phase removed form it. And yes, in the journey from heart to words a lot is lost.

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