Good ol’ school days..

SCHOOL.. I suppose it’s the only place which made us cry both at the time of being admitted and the time when we left it (or apparently, we had to leave).

When those times flash by our memories now, eyes still get filled with tears. Why is it so that every time something bad or even good happens, we say it was far better, when we were kids? Every silly thing and activity has some association with our memories. Every lil incident could be recalled, even after a long time..

We used to go crazy when teachers gave us ‘stars’ in our exams, praised us for a lil thing or even passed a smile at us..! We ran around teasing other guys out of it.
We made friends, friends for lifetime, with the purest of our thoughts, and innocent minds having no materialistic expectations or requirements.
Fights merely used to be on erasers or pencils, or toys.. being jealous just meant to be of something you found more attractive with someone else, and not of their achievements.. the word ‘broken’ was just used in the context of toys.. parents were our only love, brothers and sisters being the closest of our rivals.
When parties were all to be done with only ice creams n chocolates…

What we used to say, was just exactly what we had in our hearts. Being true to ourselves and to others was all that we followed.

Moving ahead in our schools, we started making sense out of everything, friendships got stronger… ‘crush’ changed to ‘love’, trying and talking to them out of stupidities, or even, just to catch their glimpse. A smile of theirs made your day…..and what not!! There are infinite of them to be shared..

There would be umpteen number of memories racing through your minds now… Cherish Them..!!

Coz, these just can’t be called as MEMORIES, they form a LIFETIME in their own way!!

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