A life… worth living?

How many of us have really lived up to the purpose of life?

Life is not just a mere word… its goddamn LIFE!!!
Something so splendid!! You got to MAKE IT LARGE.

We have an inclination towards our goals a bit too much. We focus on them a great deal. That’s not at all erroneous. But what would you do if you reach the biggest goal in your life? Have another one or take pleasure from the triumph?

We often forget that we are living in this very moment. Maybe it’s the only time we have to live our life fully, because we don’t know what does life has in the box for us, for the time to come. Maybe we wake up the next day right in the world of The Deity!!
You never know, “Kal ho na ho”.
Then what?

You’ll realize, you made it too late to complete some of your tasks, but what about your own lil dreams(kept apart due to your goals),your wishes and your moral responsibilities? Have you ever thanked God for this life? Your parents for your upbringing? Your friends for their support and love? Have you?
You’ll soon end up with the note “I wish I would have… “

It doesn’t mean you should live with no goals and no purpose, but try to make the right blend of the path to success and a life worth calling it so.

It’s considerably important to realize life’s worth. This could be the most privileged gift we could have ever got, but are we actually doing a justice to ourselves?? Give it a thought. After all, it’s your LIFE.

It’s all about adding life to our days, not just days to our life.

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