Have we really evolved?

Have we really evolved as humans? Or, are we still engaged in that monkey business? Or, are we leading to it again?

The answer to this can be found if we travel 25,000 years in the past, when we, the Homo Sapiens lost our nearest competitor – the Neanderthals.

Arguably, one of the key attributes which distinguished us from Neanderthals is INTELLIGENCE.

But what is intelligence? Most evolutionary biologists agree that it was our cognitive superiority — our ability to question and accomplish complex tasks, our desire to create and our willingness to travel to undiscovered frontiers which led to our survival.

Enough of this baffling science now!

Our hope to continue to survive is possible only if we continue to evolve on the path of intelligence.

Today we understand intelligence to comprise emotional and social intelligence, abstract thinking, creativity and all those attributes which prevented our extinction. But, are we going on the same track regarding are future?
We are making these terms extinct for the generations to come. We, in this era of high class technologies which bring our hearts-to-mouth, on one hand, are calling ourselves intelligent and on the other, we have got no replacements to the visionaries like Steve Jobs.
Selfish and materialistic dreams are gradually putting a ban on this ‘Intelligence Quotient’!

Why don’t we think for a larger cause? Why only one odd man out of billions makes visible efforts?
Let our minds wander through this vast universe, beyond the limits. We need to change the way we think about things, be it anything from the beginning till the end.
CURIOSITY has to make its way out on our calm and steady minds. It’s high time guys, we must WAKE UP.

After all,
Only if we change the way we look at things, the things we look at will CHANGE..!!!

2 responses to “Have we really evolved?

  1. because only the odd man out is smart enough or insane enough to try sticking out! rest are too busy fighting back the web of the world and its spiders to actually think about anything else

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