PERSPECTIVE… all what matters..!!

Perspective… is that all what matters?

We often get trapped in various situations of life… Having plenty of problems, inconveniences and what not…
But are these the real big issues? May be… Or maybe not!!

When we are stuck somewhere, our mind definitely gets jammed. And just coz we are habitual of it, we don’t bother much and accept things as they come our way. That something might be a problem, can even be a dead end for the path we are moving on, but rolling back takes us to a new line of attack all the way, destiny being the same or may b better than we thought for.

All what we need to do is… change our perspective… change the way we look at things…
As soon as we change our perspective the same old quandary may b entirely gone or be felt as something path-generating!!

Suppose you come out of a building and stop on the road midway in the traffic. It will create a traffic jam right there. All what you will observe now is honking cars, people yelling at you and of course, their middle fingers!!! Now go back to the same building, at the rooftop and now observe. You will see the sky, brightest of the sunrays and feel some real silence, being exactly the opposite what you observed down there in that traffic.
It was just a matter of few stairs, which changed your angle to look at the things and people around you.

This follows with the life too.
We just need to climb a few stairs of life and we could be back in a new role and that too with a ROAR…!!

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