It’s just the beginning..

So finally it comes to an end here, the college time which brought numerous phases in life along with it.

We gotta pack our bags, sing aloud,” I got wings to fly..!! “, and go fly in the world of our dreams.

It’s time we build our future and actually behave like grown ups in those matters which really need us to be like one. But here we are, standing at the brink of a new phase relentless to hold loose the times we are going to leave behind us. On one hand, it was a phase of ups and downs, facing reality of life, learning lessons, understanding the responsibilities and more of this serious stuff but on the other hand, it was faar faar opposite than this.. the astoundingly awesome side of it to counter the serious stuff…

Making friends for lifetime, getting to know the value of relationships, standing for others even if we don’t feel like, be with our friends and other loved ones (:P) no matter what it takes, which in true sense gives us the quality life and happiness at the end of the day. The moments enjoyed up to the fullest, making memories as good as heaven and as worse as hell but worthy to remember to grin later on, having incidents that will make us chuckle in future, and remember the times when we used to be a punk.

This diverts my mind to the epic movie Pyar ka Punchnaama.. and makes me nostalgic for the fun we had, the amazing night-outs, breathtaking bike rides, unforgettable trips, messing around and things which can’t be discussed here ;);) . The times making everlasting disk partition in our memory!!! 🙂

 But, the next big thing is the beginning of a new phase, as  “Life is not about finding yourself, it’s about creating yourself “ and it’s the right time we start creating a masterpiece out of ourselves… keeping these rocking memories alive.

5 responses to “It’s just the beginning..

  1. good one bro…. really yar… cant believe…. its over…. i want 2 live my whole life as a student…. bcoz yaha jo masti hai wo aur kahi nahi… i always wonder thai i would never say but i have 2 say i gonna miss my college lyf/days.. 🙂

  2. 2nd phase of lyf……n my transition from sincere student of school to mischievous one…bunking classes, pza hut 99 per prsn, escapng from clg, managing to leav clg premises inspite of restrictions, reaching home daily around 11.30 or 12 etc etc…i l miss dem all..

  3. 2nd phase of lyf…my transition from sincere school gal to mischievous kid……bunking class, managing to leav clg premises n reaching home arnd 11.30 etc etc….i will miss them all…

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