Love the way you lie :P

The title must have stormed your mind with the amazing song by Rihanna, featuring the king of rap, Eminem! That ‘rap’ part made me grin while writing this post, as I  remembered something I read while surfing the internet. It goes here..

Eminem is the king of Rap, AND, Justin Bieber is the queen of Crap” 😀
PS: No offences to his (if that’s the right word ;)) fans.

Anyways, coming back to the track, this title has an amusing context here. It’s about those incidents when people lie to us about something, in-cognizant of the fact that we are already aware of the truth and the real story behind it. This makes the situation pretty funny.

When the victim (in this case, the liar himself :P) cooks up a story, his gestures and facial expressions are really worth making a note of. You keep making him believe that you believe him and let him go on until he is out of thoughts or words. Then all of a sudden, raise a suspicion. You’ll see him panic, looking at which you are definitely going to enjoy. Then just give him a hint as if you know the truth, and you’ll love it even more, seeing him making faces and all. After all, the situation gets so uneasy for him.

All this time, we keep thinking to ourselves, “Whoa! What a story”, “Ah! He is really good at it”, “Cool! He is going well so far”, “Oh! I love the way you lie”. And, wait for our turn to let the cat out of the bag. As soon as it happens, either he gets shocked in disbelief or chuckles on his idiocy. 🙂
Sometimes, the liar is bold enough to build a castle of lies, if we raise doubts, which makes it difficult to deter him. But, the curtain raiser is altogether more hilarious! Just pop out the truth and have fun.

These incidents are so common that every one of you must have had plenty of laughter dosage off them at some point of time. Keep enjoying those narrations and you won’t hang up laughing. 😀

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