Oh God! Why?

The feelings rose.
A path I chose.

Made some vows.
Alas! Couldn’t follow those.

I felt anguished. 
This wasn’t what I wished.

A few weeks had gone.
The sun had set and shone.

I missed her so much.
Her soft and tender touch.

I wanted to see her once.
Be it roses or be it guns!

For the promises broken.
For the words unspoken.

For the bond we share.
For the feelings I care.

When finally, the time came.
Damn my luck, it soon outran.

“Ha! She has to go soon!”
Mocked at me, the wicked moon.

She looked upset.
I felt regret.

It was time to go, go far away.
But, this love shall blossom, each day.

I was bound, I had to say good bye.
Why did this happen? Oh God, why!!


12 responses to “Oh God! Why?

  1. What looks like tragedy on this side of the veil (of this life) is to be found a treasure in the next. This is the reason we must store our treasures in heart… for where our heart is is to be treasured after all. I liked this one Tapish. Nice writing.

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