Friends Forever

the day we became friends?
We were cute tiny kids,
and, you set new trends.

Kiddo stationary, games,
or be it a toy mart. πŸ˜›
There was nothing in this world,
which could make our ways part.

We spent our childhood together,
creating euphoric memories. :mrgreen:
Though in same places, at different times,
we’re still, today, the best of the buddies.

The times when I was gloomy, πŸ˜₯
you looked in my eyes.
You held out your hand,
telling me everything would be all right.

Even when we get into a spat, 😑
you don’t count my mistakes.
You know these are what,
your busyΒ friend often makes. πŸ˜‰

You have been there,
and always true.
Through thick and thin,
Friends Forever, me and you.

30 responses to “Friends Forever

  1. Nice poem, very easy to digest. It gives some nostalgic feel. Interesting that the poem didn’t end in some tragedy. You know most poems like this end with ‘one friend passing on’ or something. Oh well, you have done great. Well done Tapish.

  2. That’s a very beautiful poem. Your friends can be really lucky. I especially love the line ‘you don’t count my mistakes’. Great how you appreciate this about your friend because it’s really a seldom character trade. Greets, Julie.

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