What will people say!

A few days ago while watching TV, I came across a programme, Gumraah, aired on Channel [V]. I was quickly switching the channels, so just a few words made it to my ears, “Log kya kahenge!” (What will people say!)

It made my psyche swirl amidst an ocean of thoughts. This syndrome(as I prefer to call it) is an integral part of our lives. Every decision has to go through this test and majority of them fail. Why is it so that it’s utterly important for us to consider this fact before we finally come up to a decision? If we personally don’t fall for it, people around us make it sure enough that these words are heard aloud. In no time, we go crazy thinking about the plethora of advice and assistance.

I’m sure there are plenty of people out there, who have been in this kind of situation. “What will people say!”  syndrome eats up our life, and we are unable to part with our cynicism.

Be it a career initiative, a followup interest, a battle of Love v/s Arrange marriage, and numerous thoughts and actions of everyday life, all of these have to encounter this mighty barrier to reach on the side we have always wanted and wished for.

It happens that you’ve been secretly dreaming about something(obviously, other than academics) you want to do in your life. One fine morning, you walk up to your parents and tell them what you want to go ahead with that, and the moment you finish,it goes like “have you gone crazy?”, “just because it’s your hobby, that doesn’t mean it will make your career or future.”, “and for God’s sake, what will people say!”.

It’s completely alright except for the last line. How on earth do these random ‘people’ matter to them? Why shall you give a damn to people and there thinking? There are billions of them, and moreover, they’re not even a part of you life!

It’s just you, who understands the true value of that thing for you, keeping aside your cynics. At last, following your heart’s desire is the only thing, which will keep you happy and satisfied.

PS: This post will not change the way you think, but just brood over this, it actually might!

24 responses to “What will people say!

  1. And yet another substantial post. Good work Tapisha. I firmly believe this topic applies to almost everyone, everywhere, almost everyday of our lives. It is more like a virus or parasitic organism rather than a syndrome if you analyze it strictly from a definitive state. It cannot survive without a host. to inhabit and consume. In 1998 I graduated with a degree in applied mathematics. I went to work as an engineer which I continued to do until 2002 and after 4 years of truly disliking my career I grew weary enough that I no longer cared “what people said” and told my mother I was quiting to take a much lower of a job at a university to which she replied “what will people think of me? They willl say it’s my fault!” I still never understood exactly how me following what I wanted out of life was a “fault” to be claimed by anyone, much less the woman who is supposed to love me second only to my spouse! Keep these post up! Oh, my I have permission to copy and post the image containing mentioned header? Thanks

  2. And yet another wonderful comment from your side 🙂
    Yeah you are right, it actually is like a parasite that way. Thanks for sharing a part of your life in support of the idea. People all around sail in the same boat regarding this, and we have no answers to our musings of that kind. After all, why does it matter to anyone!
    Anyways, yes you may do the copy-paste thing. 🙂

  3. This syndrome is part of the culture in India Tapish, more than anywhere else in the world. Not one thing you do escapes this parasite. My ‘quitting’ has a lot of tongues wagging. But, mercifully, my family has never brought up this question and have stood by me like a solid rock. And i am grateful to God for these people.

    Love your posts. Keep them coming.

  4. Unfortunately, you’re right, it really is a part(sort of inseparable) of Indian culture. People have nothing to do except poking there nose in personal matters. You’ve got a great family, cherish your moments with them!
    And, thanks for the appraisal 🙂

  5. People talk regardless of what you do. Even if you’re sitting around doing nothing, these ‘people’ will come up with something to accuse you of.

  6. superlyk..superlyk..superlyk…!!!!
    I wish i colud explain dis to people around me.. Life wld hav been so easy if evryone just live in dre lives wdout peeking in oder’s….
    n yea Rinth s ryt…people will talk..no matter wat u do..!!
    neways gud work..!! 🙂

  7. I totally agree with you on this, It should never matter what people would say, because they don’t even have a say to began with. It is your life your decisions do what you intend to do with it not based on what others think..

  8. Kya kahenge log
    hai sabse bada yeh rog

    Somehow getting every body’s buy-in has become so much of a part of our psyche that we cant seem to part with it.. but try we should

    Very well written post!
    You have a new follower here !

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