Very Inspiring Blogger Award..!!

So here it goes, my words and thoughts have really inspired some people out there on WordPress Community. It’s so astounding to know that I have been nominated for the “Very Inspiring Blogger Award”. I’m sincerely thankful to Tina Liu for the nomination, who is much of a inspiring blogger too and writes beautifully.

The Very Inspiring Blogger Award

Life of 24 hours‘ has provided me the platform to interact with various fervent bloggers, and other readers who love to share their views about life. Thanks to the WordPress Freshly Pressed section, I have a quick access to all my favorite topics like poetry, inspiration, life, love, photography and humor.

Here are the rules to participate when you get nominated:

  1. Thank the person who nominated you.
  2. Share seven things about yourself.
  3. Nominate seven other bloggers for this award.
  4. Put the logo of the award on your blog site.
  5. Post the rules.
  6. Let your seven picks know they have been nominated.

Seven things about myself:

  1. I recently became an engineer in Electronics & Communication and enjoy working on Embedded Systems.
  2. I love to eat. Now, being born and brought up in India I can’t part away with spicy food and curries after all 😛
  3. I love to play chess, snooker and other games which involve high concentration. (I like to give my brain a tough exercise.)
  4. I love to read and write.
  5. I am highly emotional and sentimental, and a harmony-maker.
  6. I know how to value relationships be it with family or friends. I am grateful to my wonderful parents for that.
  7. “Loving, warm and compassionate, Libra is one of the most charming of all the zodiac signs. Ruled by Venus, the Libra man is also a helpless romantic who loves the idea of being in love. ” 😛 – SourceGetting to know Libra man  :mrgreen:

My seven nominations for the The Very Inspiring Blogger Award:


Congratulations to all of you. You people have really inspired me!
And, once again thanks to Tina Liu @ for this. 🙂

6 responses to “Very Inspiring Blogger Award..!!

  1. Thanks a ton Tapish, for the award. Have been looking around your blog and like what you write. Also loved the way you have organized it. Very reader friendly! thank you again! Will keep visiting 🙂

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