Being Human: The need of the hour!

“Misplaced moral values, insensitivity and total disregard for a feeble law can turn any man into a potential inhuman.”
This fact can be established in the wake of recent Guwahati molestation case, where a teenager was groped, violated, molested for more than 30 minutes in full public glare. It showed the world that the men committing this heinous act were neither deterred by the fact that they were in a public place, nor the fact that it was being recorded.

Guwahati molestation incident

This is no way of treating a woman. There can be no justification for rape or sexual molestation cases. Girls don’t invite guys by their skimpy dressing sense or revealing more than usual, instead it’s all in the offenders’ mind, either in active or dormant state. This can be easily supported by numerous cases of molesting/raping a girl child and even the ones who don a burqa.The guys have no right to misbehave, any of those be the case. Let’s face that! The slightest show of flesh turns them into beasts.

This has certainly made a mockery of the society, culture and moral values. The most alarming fact after the Guwahati incident has been the sheer insensitivity with which the case was handled by authorities and the ones who stand for the rights of women in the country. “Be comfortable, but at the same time, be careful about how you dress”, “Aping the West blindly is eroding our culture and causing such crimes to happen.”, etc. were the words of some of them.
Author of Confessionally Yours Jhoomur Bose, wrote on Twitter, “The first time I was grabbed and groped, I was 14 and walking with my mother. Is it Western culture to walk with your mother?” Well, that’s something to think about.

Adding more to it, these ‘inhumans’ walk scot free, undeterred and unrepentant, for the fact that it’s extremely difficult to prove molestation charges in our nation. Thanks to the inactive Govt. and its even more inactive laws!

Not too long ago, what happened after the rubbish comment made by the Toronto policeman, is very well known in the whole world. Maybe it’s time for another dosage nowAnd, the laws should be made by the Govt. as if ‘apni maa-behen ke liye bana rahe ho’ 😡

If you’re mistaken that the condition is worse only in India; here, check this link for sure: An alarming universal trend?

Save me please!

PS: Credit to Times Of India for a few excerpts and the link

24 responses to “Being Human: The need of the hour!

  1. It’s one thing if I as a woman am careless, get drunk, and put myself in a dangerous situation. Were someone to accost me, is it my fault, no, but I was careless. Rape is not about sex. It is about power. It is about making someone feel like nothing while getting an ego boost from depraved acts. Since the dawn of time when soldiers ran through a town raping and pillaging, it was never about sex. No woman “asks for it” or “tempts” the men. The only reason that argument is even made is b/c the majority of cultures in the world do not recognize women as individuals equal in mind and status as a male. If a man is brutally molested by another man, no one says he “asked for it”.
    For this reason, I believe that as parents we should counsel our daughters to not be careless and to learn ways to defend themselves. For men like that, it often requires a physical reminder that female does not automatically equate to weak. And for those who cannot defend themselves, we should never stand idly by.

    • Amazing comment! and very well expressed. that is a solution to the situation but it cant put an end to these things. in this male patriarchal society it’s really very difficult to uproot such thngs, but it has to be done somehow. it’s actually a problem because of the that part of the culture, which brings with it the age-old orthodox thinking.

      • Sadly, the west isn’t exactly all that much better. The gains in equality have fizzled and even eroded in some aspects b/c change isn’t something easily accomplished. I read this article:
        It highlights some of the problems families face to be successful. Western culture has drifted far from an emphasis on family, making $ the cornerstone. Ironically, everyone is paying for that. Toss in the absurd obsession with Hollywood and the declining education system, you get vapid girls whose only concern is getting a guy. That does not garner much respect in my eyes, so why should it earn respect of their male contemporaries? It is a complex social problem with different issues in different areas of the globe.

        • you raised a nice comment yet again. Thanks for the sharing that link.
          you’re so right here, the problem is one but with lots of consequences and different faces in the society.

  2. Shocked, ashamed, repelled, repulsed, angered i am to know that such a heinous act of crime happened in pull public glare. More annoying is the fact that some TV News reporter might have abetted this. Shame!

    Individually, a person may be weak, but when he becomes a part of a misinformed mob, he assumes more power and all the sense of rationality escapes his mind.

    No matter how a girl dresses: decently, skimpily, obscenely or fully covered… it doesn’t give anybody a right to touch her. And to pass on the blame on ‘that’ woman for such an act is nothing but a telling sign of our patriarchal, chauvinist society that tries to protect men, no matter what.

    And i just don’t have any words for those horny f****** who cant even control their damned libido in front of a month old infant. Bloody sadists.. what kind of pleasure it gives them is beyond my comprehension.

    Nice post Tapish!

    • the thing you said about being in a mob is totally true. It gives them a sense of courage and don’t know what kind of support! it’s all in their minds.
      And I’m relieved just about the fact that it at least made an outrage in public, but don’t know what this god damn public was doing at the time of the incident, watching it heartless.

  3. We live in a desensitized world.

    Look at all the issues ranging from molestation to corruption – we are offended but we are too complacent to do something about it. Many who stood and watched that girl getting molested may have felt bad for her, but i am sure each one would have waited thinking someone else will help her.

    We as an age have lost the conscience for moral responsibility, collective rage and courage to change.

    • That’s what happens here. People just come to watch the “tamasha”. Bloody hypocrites out there.
      Yes and that’s so sad to see where the values are leading.

  4. Unfortunately this does not even shock me. It seems as if the way women are treated is regressing. And there is no courage anywhere anymore. How does someone know this is happening and not do anything to stop it? How do they sleep at night?

    • this is such a terrifying and horrible face of the society. there is courage, but nobody wants to interfere, because it doesn’t matter to them( how it does not! am speechless) and nobody feels the destruction until it is caused to them.

  5. Tapish,

    I’m glad these views come from an Indian male. It has gives me a little bit of relief to know that not every man around me is waiting to commit a crime. I know this may sound extreme but that’s exactly how every woman in this country feels. To live in fear is the worst thing we can do to ourselves. Although I agree with all the constructive suggestions stated above, I believe it is more important to teach our sons NOT to be animals, than it is to teach our daughters to defend themselves. Once again, thank you.

    • I understand your views Paloma and you’re nowhere wrong having a mindset like this. To teach about this, and it being followed create the difference here. There are majority cases in our country of this type where the guys involved had no intentions of committing that act, but still they did it. That’s like more of a problem at large, of not understanding what are you inside.

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