Kreativity Awarded

Amazed. Flattered. Delighted.

This is how I’m feeling, to know that I have been nominated for the Kreativ Blogger Award. With overwhelming gratitude, I would like to thank Lopa, an avid blogger, who thought that I’m worthy of this.
I’m a regular reader of her blog lopascribes and also adore her Hindi blog सुरभि, being a Hindi poetry lover.

The rules to accept the award were simple enough. I had to say seven things about myself, which can be found right here in my last award post, and had to nominate 15 other bloggers.
So, here are my nominations for those, whom I find Kreativ Bloggers.

1. Going Bananas @
2. sindhupoems @
3. सुरभि @
4. amaeguerrero @
5. As the ink flows @
6. 1daypicnic @
7. hemadamani @
8. UnfetteredBS @
9. The Phoblography @
10. She kept a parrot @
11. Guided by my heart @
12. zinalbhadra @
13. Humorous Dispassionate @
14. An Evil Nymph’s Blog @
15. oldworldcharmvintage @

A heartfelt congratulations to all of you. Cheers!  \m/
And, Lopa, thank you so much for the award! 🙂

27 responses to “Kreativity Awarded

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          • What do you find more disconcerting the less than stellar performance of India’s Olympic team or the apathy of your fellow countrymen? I admire the tenacity and commitment of any athlete who can compete in the Olympics. Peace be with you!

          • Of course, the latter. Even I admire their tenacity, it’s the only reason that they achieved this feat; the credit goes completely to their hard work and efforts.
            Regarding the countrymen and sports ministries(excluding cricket), I feel dejected to say that this is the situation here, in India. And, I know it won’t get better. 😦 ;(

  2. you really are a ‘Kreative Blogger’ and deserve the award.. congrats. and thanks for the nomination… happy blogging!!

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