Are you a Like-aholic ??

Forget the alcoholics and drug addicts; there are a new kind of addicts among us, and that too in a huge number, the Like-aholics. I guess you all must have got, what is hidden(if at all) behind the words.

You don’t have to ‘like’ me and I’m okay with that!

Many a times, we say this to others, face to face, with a rude attitude, but what happens when the battleground is Facebook/Twitter? We all have a natural wish to be loved or even ‘liked’ will do. Social networking sites have just made that effortless, allowing people to like & share or follow & tweet-retweet your posts, status and photographs. With this, has creeped in, the ever increasing anxiety, “We must be liked!”.

                   LIKE me, please please please!

People go crazy, expanding their friend lists. And, then cross the limits of craziness, if these people don’t ‘like’ them.This is kind of an alarming signal that the Gen Y is not as much cool as they love being portrayed. Somewhere, something is going wrong. They put up their wardrobe on Facebook, post pictures of their newly bought shades or converse or may be a mug of coffee they had in the evening.

Why is it so important to seek others’ approval on your way of living?? And, with this, they miss out the fun part of living, as they are too busy taking snaps and uploading them. When they get less likes or comments, they start head-banging over the thought that why people are not liking them? Are they too bad, too ugly, or outdated?
End result: restlessness, anxiety, depression. These sites have started to rule your happiness!

And let’s be real, surely you don’t like everybody around. There must be a whole lot of people you just put up with, but don’t like. And that’s okay, no law says that you have to love or like everyone.

                                   You got to LIKE me..!!

There was a joke that went viral on the Internet the last week – What would happen if Facebook suddenly shut down? The answer? Well, we’d have a whole bunch of people running around, holding holiday photographs and profile shots screaming on the streets – “Like me! Like me!” A funny scenario to imagine, but possibly something like that might actually come true, should such a situation arise!

I’ve learnt that eventually the only one who has to like you is yourself and if you can make that happen, then it’ll be just fine! Everyone of us is pretty awesome in our own way. I like myself; you should too. (like yourself, I mean 😛 )

44 responses to “Are you a Like-aholic ??

  1. Now here’s a dichotomy. If I “like” this to show I’m agreeing with your proposition, I automatically become the subject of it. Hmmm, my brain hurts.

    • Reality bites!! I have seen many people around me suffering coz of over doing these things. It does not imply everyone is a part of it, but those of who are, need to rethink.

      • I am sorry for those persons around you who are suffering. I have seen alot of reality in my own life as well.My own father was abusive and an alcoholic.I know first-hand what it is like to be a people pleaser,but I have come to accept myself as I am and know that not everyone is going to like or accept me.My point Tapish is if an individual is raised in a dysfunctional family it is very easy to strive ardently for acceptance. If I have offended you than please accept my apology for that was not my intention. Sincerely Nancy

  2. Good Morning Tapish; First may I say you are a passionate man who has great empathy and compassion for people. Learning is a 2 way street and I too have gained much from our correspondence.If I may ask that you please call me Nancy for it is less formal.You are intelligent and a gentleman Tapish. I look forward to your future posts. Warmest Regards; Nancy

    • Very Good Morning, Nancy!
      Oh sure. It’ll be this way from now 🙂
      And, thank you for the lovely comment. I’m really pleased to hear this from your side. Stay in touch!

  3. Love it! I recently wrote a similar post about Liking stuff on Facebook, so this really resonates with me. Great work!

  4. You have a valid point, but like th man said-does liking your post make me a subject. I write poetry-to tell the truth I would rather get no response than simply a ‘Like’. I mean there must have been something that you liked about it, As one person put it when I first got blogging a few weeks ago. ‘If I ‘Like’ something I feel the need to leave a footprint.’ Part of it though is that there is just too much out there. Everyone wants to follow someone in part because they would like to be followed in return. I think that if you are going to do this, put yourself out there, you should be doing it for yourself and being honest about what you write regardless of what wordpress has to say about generating interest in your blog. If there is something worthy about what you have to say, people will find you.KB

    • Your comment really made me think here. I do agree with your point, but I feel there’s a need to draw a line and think where are we going along with this. The like button has brought an end to actual conversations and usage of words to express your appreciation or feelings. You just keep scrolling down and like the posts, statuses and pictures!
      Yes, the blogging thing you said holds true, and what keeps me glued here is that it gives me an opportunity to know others’ views/insights on the similar issues.

  5. Pure Gold, i liked this and realized…oops i just liked this 😛
    But you are echoing my thoughts…FB can get on my nerves.. Most of the times.
    Recently a friend put up the news of someone passing away on FB.. and guess what, people not just posted RIP msges, but actually ‘liked’ it also.
    i fainted.Sab log pagal ho rahe hain.

    • Thanks for the ‘Like’. Yeah, the other day when I read those two posts of yours, my thoughts wanted a way out of my mind, so I gave them the right place!
      How can anyone put this on FB :O
      And, you say people even liked it!! Yar, I’m just speechless, God knows where are they heading to..

  6. Funny, I found your site because I checked it out after you “liked” my blog 🙂
    I am guilty of this, and my husband says I need to stop looking for validation from other people. It’s crazy how hard it is to not find your own self-worth in someone else’s opinion of you. On Twitter, I had someone stop following me because they thought I “tried to hard to be funny”. There may have been truth to that, I don’t know, but I do know that after they said that I became horribly self-conscious and stopped posting altogether for quite a while. I was so embarrassed that someone thought that of me, and I was convinced that everyone else did as well. I definitely do care what people think, and I just try to find that balance between caring and being obsessed. I try to make sure I don’t change myself to fit what someone thinks I should be or look like.

    • Lol yes I know 🙂
      Wow.. Nicely told and actually it happens. That’s the same thing I felt once upon a time. I was heavily obsessed with this, but now I have learnt to maintain that balance you’re talking about.
      Thanks for your time!

  7. I just want to say I am just new to blogging and site-building and absolutely liked this web page. Very likely I’m planning to bookmark your site . You actually have remarkable article content. Thank you for revealing your webpage.

  8. That was an awesome read…! it is the turh of reality that many of us want to hide…! each and every single word is so true….and at times i felt the same thoughts….but just not the right words….! a beautiful truth 🙂 Amazzzing 🙂

    • Thank you so much for the wonderful comment. I’m humbled 🙂
      I have seen this in many people around me, they get restless and what not. Glad you second the thoughts.
      Thumbs up 😉

  9. I often forget to hit LIKE on blogs though I do often on Facebook, but here’s the thing. If you read someone’s Facebook status about something sad, such as their pet died or their mother is sick, do you hit Like? I don ‘t think so …

    Love your images!

    • Yes you don’t and you may just skip that post. But that’s the point I’m talking about, at least you should take time to comment or have a real world conversation!

      Thanks for taking time to read.

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