Silhouette Romance

There is no greater delight than to watch two love birds, twittering and chirping merrily as the first/last rays of the sun appear over the tree-tops. This experience is second only to the pleasure of watching a couple in love, as they walk alongside holding hands.

“Love birds literally” πŸ˜›

**Copyright. Tapish Gupta’sΒ Photography

Meanwhile the world goes on.
Tell me about your despair,
and I will tell you mine.

Meanwhile the sun sets.
And move across the landscapes,
We’ll be together every time.

Meanwhile the sun rises.
Feeling you by my side,
My heart beats and body shivers.

Meanwhile it goes over the prairies,
It will take us along together,
like the mountains and the rivers.

Meanwhile the other love birds.
High in the clean blue air,
are heading back to feel homely.

Meanwhile whoever you are,
The world is with you,
no matter how lonely.

29 responses to “Silhouette Romance

  1. Hi Tapish,

    I love silhouettes, and this one is fabulous! Loved the poem too.

    The last time I visited your blog, I didn’t come across photography. But yes, I did read few articles. Somehow I was not able to leave a comment although I had something in my mind. Let me find that article and say something if I still have anything to say, hehe πŸ˜€

    Thanks for stopping at my blog, hope to see you often!

    • Thanks a ton, Nandini πŸ™‚ Your appreciation is truly valued.
      Actually I started posting photography only a few days ago.

      Hehehe, do find them the next time and feel free to comment. πŸ˜›

  2. Good Morning Tapish, I really liked the umage that comes from your first stanza and thought idea of traveling over the landscape provacative.I thought that overall that it has possibilities with more meat on the bones you’ve constructed. It’s as if you had really good notes for a very good poem I don’t mean to be a bore, Editing is one of my things-though I wish I could do it to my own poetry more often. What I said was done with sincere respect of one poet to another. KB.

    • Thank you for sharing your views about this, but I’m afraid I don’t agree with you here. I didn’t have notes or anything like that. It was all at the instant. Ofcourse, some odd things might come up, if they were stuck in your mind from long before. but all of the poems here are composed by me only.

  3. meanwhile the silhouettes painting a dusky form,
    the birds cuddle back in the warmth,
    I wish you are beside me,
    to view the beautiful next morn…

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