It’s an amazing read. Loved this post!
It will surely connect you along with its flow.

unfinished creations

“Expectations are the mother of GRIEF”

Do not Google the above mentioned line, you won’t find it anywhere except on this blog. This has been exclusively gifted to us by Shubham, the person who views this blog more than me at times(serious competition).

But, yes if you agree with the above lines, you will also agree when I say,

“That’s how it is on this bitch of an earth”

( you can Google this, it’s by Samuel Beckett). But, if that’s all  that you think and you just nodded vigorously on what Beckett said, I guess now you should read what Shubham has to say. And, read it till the end.

The writer has only one request to make and i.e. please read it carefully, you will notice a rhythm that flows through the entire poem. Good voice is not a pre-requisite, so, feel free to sing it also.

Let’s get…

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