The power of zero!

Poor Aryabhatta, he would have never imagined in wildest of his dreams, that his gift to mankind could have such disastrous uses.
Yes, you read that right. I am talking about the power, number zero possesses and we all know, power now-a-days, is only meant to be misused. So this number, individually having no value, has actually the power to create and even destroy anything. The ongoing creation is a world, on the foundation of deception. It’s all in the mind, or say, your guile. You can trick someone in seconds and they’ll be unaware of that. Let’s just discuss about this new deceptive world of zeroes.


The guys even poor at mathematics are much more powerful then the scholars, with the use of this Zero. Be it a personal matter, or matters related to the society, the country or the world at large; this new kind of intelligence is making ways for destruction to come from all directions. Take our Government for instance, using this zero in numerous ways is proving to be a powerful tool to create this world full of deceit. Lacs of crores embezzled, crores and crores of black money!

The situation is getting so vague, that our politicians see no end in adding zeroes to the figures. Hell of losses, frauds and scams. The Godfather of zeroes, our superhero superzero is definitely our Prime Minister, who is rarely seen speaking. In his recent interview, he said, “My silence is better than thousands of my answers, enough to honour the numerous questions raised.”
And adding to his support, our corrupt ministers. They think of us as fools. Just a few days ago, one of them, on Coal Blocks Scam, said,“If we didn’t allocate the coal blocks in the first place, then how could there be a loss, means Zero Loss!” Zero loss, really?? Means the policies of the Govt. are just made to joke around?


Zero tolerance towards terrorism! Ha, that has to be a joke for sure. Afzal Guru and Ajmal Kasab need not be even discussed here. After all they have been our VVIP guests.


Recently, Gujarat CM, Narendra Modi, blamed ‘figure conscious’ girls, aspiring Zero Figure, to be the cause of malnutrition prevailing in his state!
What about the zero figure for poverty and unemployment?

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Earlier, there was zero in Mathematics, now there is all kind of mathematics in Zero. Everyone has his own calculations. Earlier, zero was the answer, now it has become a question itself!! 

**The most suited “Zero” I could think of..!!

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