Peaceful Warrior

A few days ago I watched Peaceful Warrior(2006), starring Scott Mechlowicz as Dan Millman, Nick Nolte as Socrates, and  Amy Smart as Joy. I still don’t have words to describe how much I loved it. I never ever thought the film could be so inspiring. Some of its dialogues have become lifetime quotations for me. Still trying to scribble what I’m feeling right at the moment and can come nowhere close to it due to this awful shortage of words in my head!
I am sure you all must have watched it much earlier, but those who have not, I highly recommend of this.

SYNOPSIS : An inspirational and triumphant film about the power of the human spirit, Peaceful Warrior is the incredible true story based on Dan Millman’s bestselling novel. A gifted young athlete, bound for Olympic gold, Dan, has it all: trophies, talent, and all the women he wants. But after a life-changing event, Dan comes to rely on Socrates (Nick Nolte), a mysterious stranger, and Joy (Amy Smart), an elusive young woman, to teach him the secret to overcome incredible odds and tap into new worlds of strength and understanding. Hailed by celebrities and critics alike, Peaceful Warrior is “an inspiring film that could change lives.”

Just sharing some dialogues from the movie, those which have captivated my mind of late.

  • Socrates: I’m a peaceful warrior, because the war exists within me.
  • Socrates: Everything has a purpose, and it’s up to you to find it.
  • Dan: I know more than you think.
    Socrates: And you think more than you know. But knowledge is not the same as wisdom – wisdom is doing it.
  • Socrates: Everyone wants to tell you what to do and what’s good for you. They don’t want you to find your own answers, they want you to believe theirs.
    Dan: Let me guess, and you want me to believe yours.
    Socrates: No, I want you to stop gathering information from the outside and start gathering it from the inside.
  • Dan: The journey is what brings us happiness not the destination.
  • Socrates: There is no starting or stopping – only doing.
  • Dan: Life has just three rules?
    Socrates: And you already know them…
    Dan: Paradox, humour, and change.
    Socrates: Paradox…
    Dan: Life is a mystery. Don’t waste time trying to figure it out.
    Socrates: Humour…
    Dan: Keep a sense of humour, especially about yourself. It is a strength beyond all measure.
    Socrates: Change…
    Dan: Know that nothing stays the same.
  • Socrates: Death isn’t sad. The sad thing is: most people don’t live at all.
  • Socrates: Sometimes you have to lose your mind before you come to your senses.
  • Socrates: This moment is the only thing that matters.
    Socrates: Where are you?
    Dan: Here.
    Socrates: What time is it?
    Dan: Now.
    Socrates: What are you?
    Dan: This moment.

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17 responses to “Peaceful Warrior

      • 2nd time today for this discussion. 🙂

        Because something is unknown doesn’t make it unknowable. All the more reason to inquire, examine, analyze. Science and history always serves to move our knowledge forward.

        There are questions we can answer today that weren’t even asked 50 years ago – and couldn’t have been answered 2 years ago.

        And the best discoveries that answer old questions – are the kind that open up new questions. The best example in my recent experience was just in the last few posts on evolution and DNA: and

        Take it questions back another way. Many modern folks have a tough time examining temporal questions. But, the dialectic of all processes being constantly in flux, changing, is not a new analysis. It goes back in philosophy to Democritus – a contemporary of Socrates.

        Teaching a class that you “can’t cross the same river twice” – he had a bright student who posited “you can’t cross the same river once”! In the time it takes to accomplish that crossing the river is changing.

        More modern versions – I always end up with Sartre and [more often, today] Camus.

        • That was amazing, and terrific articles too. I missed the posts, but grateful to you, that you made me read them. It was insightful discussing this with you and I learnt that experience with time does matter a lot.

          Loved the example of the river you gave at the end. What a perspective to view this!

          Thank you so much for sharing this with me. You really made me learn a lot. Looking forward for more such posts.


  1. Thank You for the recommendation, May I suggest a book entitled ” Sanibel Scribbles” by Christine Lemmon. It is about a young woman’s journey of facing Mortality. An excellent read in my humble opinion.

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