Picture Perfect

Hey friends!
I have assigned an all new header image to my blog; took bit of a time though, to create it. I found it perfect to picturesque my blog name, Life of 24 Hours. This image exactly represents what I wrote about in my first post, Life of 24 Hours, the comparison of the journey of life to the span of a day of 24 hours.

Let me know your opinion about the concept and the thoughts behind it. Any suggestions, criticism, compliments and other ideas shall be warmly welcomed. You can read the full post here. And, yes I’ve also made a new page for my photography, the photo-showcase . So, have a look at it too.

Would look forward to read your comments. Thank you!

42 responses to “Picture Perfect

  1. Happy Birthday! I cannot believe that you are only 22. And so much wisdom already. You mom must be proud of you.
    Yr. new header is good. Reminds me of the question posed by the Greek Sphinx to the pilgrims that passed its crossroad… what is the animal that… do you know it? if the pilgrims did not know the answers the Sphinx devoured them, until one day…

    • Thank you very much! I’m so glad to read this comment of yours. I actually made my mom read this, and yes she was really happy to read it πŸ™‚
      Thanks for appreciating the header. Oh yes I remember that Sphinx, head of a lion, wings of an eagle, tail of a serpent and head of a woman. And, the riddle was really good and so was the answer. It really gives an idea to this. Great thoughts.

    • No, I guess you just got the wrong interpretation from this one. A single day of 24 hours has been compared to our complete lifespan. So that brings the death here, at the end.

      • I think that allegory is a bit stretched around. One looks at a life being 24 hours. It is the riddle of the sphinx: what crawls on all fours in the morning…etc. But as I said-not getting it wrong-it is your choice. When you ask for an opinion be courteoue enough to take it as such instead of arguing. You have more to learn than winning awards that everyone wins.

        • Dear Kenneth, I respect your suggestion. At the same time it is obligatory for me to let the readers not get a demoralizing conclusion from any of my work. So its my duty to correct ‘myself’ in case I’m misunderstood and I did just that.

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