Lie… for someone’s better life?!

Life has never promised you anything…
Nor has the Almighty God…

But, people did…

Some said,
they will never leave you…
Oh what an alleviative lie to hear to!

Some said,
they will love you till death…
Again, an awesome lie was that!

Some said,
you are the most precious gift in life…
But again, life is made up of such lies!

Some said,
you will be the one till their last breath…
Lies, lies, and lies was all you could get!

Then all what matters is how you face that time…
When you finally realize those were just good lies!

You may ask to yourself, “Wouldn’tΒ yourΒ life,
be much better without these lies?”

But in truth,
the times you lived on those big lies…
Were the only times you ever lived your life!

43 responses to “Lie… for someone’s better life?!

    • Thank you!
      I often find me in such situations, where I choose to lie, but only after presuming the consequences in case the truth comes to light. What do you do in these cases?
      I mean, is lying a better option if it can make someone happy?

      • I possible never lie…unless and untill its very serious..still i try to remain silent..coz my heart doesn’t allow me to say soemthing which I dnt mean..I think I always say those words which I its better to avoid confrontation in such situationsand remain silent. or say half that which doesn’t reveal all but still says the truth…

  1. This is beautiful! Sweet lies have their very own history and as you said:

    “But in truth,
    the times you lived on those big lies…
    Were the only times you ever lived your life!”

    This truth is just one of the biggest truth of life.
    Thank you for a great thought for the day.

  2. “the times you lived on those big lies…
    Were the only times you ever lived your life!” – Wonderful lines.

    So true – life has never promised anything…but, people did…

    Good work Mr Gupta πŸ™‚

    • First of all, thanks for sharing your opinion on this.
      Yes I agree with you for the long run, as lies just prove good for a short term(that too not very often).
      And, the second point is an established fact. No reasons or excuses can save you from that feeling.

  3. Last line takes the cake πŸ™‚ Its beautiful..
    But is there a reason why this poem has such a i-have-given-up-on-true-feelings tone to it..
    Life is beautiful.. Every experience(including lies) makes you appreciate life (including truth) better..
    I am not sure if i am being very articulate.. What i mean is.. to value good, one has to experience bad
    I wish you would write more about happy feelings πŸ™‚

    • Does it really sound like that? I didn’t intend to do this. Life is beautiful, indeed πŸ™‚
      I agree on the other part totally. It’s a part of life. And, this poem just came out of seeing people around in reality or hearing about them. So, these were just some quick thoughts.

      Yes, I would surely write about happy feelings, watch out the next πŸ™‚

  4. Nice poem Tapish. But lying, no matter towards whatever end, accomplishes nothing. What good is momentary happiness that comes from a lie? When the fact remains unchanged.

    If someone lies to me saying i look good when i actually don’t, what good does feeling good for that moment accomplishes for me when the fact that I actually don’t remains unchanged?
    If someone lies to me saying I love you because its makes me happy to hear the words, what good will the words do to me when they cannot really be translated into action?
    If someone lies to me saying what a good work i am doing at the blog just to make me feel “appreciated”, what good will come out of it except I will continue coming up with the same boring stuff thinking people have appreciated me for this?
    If someone lies to me or gives me half truth just to avoid conflict, what good will come of it when the whole truth is finally revealed? And truth WILL always find a way to surface.

    I agree with Soumya. I stay silent instead of lying cos my heart too does not permit me to say what I don’t mean…. πŸ™‚

      First of all, thank you so much for this.

      Yes, I would agree with you on everything you mentioned here.
      I find myself in situations where I am right on the edge and unable to decide.
      I always choose to tell the truth when the situation really needs it (as in most cases), but choose its counterpart only for small petty things, where there is no selfish motive at all, and that too just to give someone momentary happiness (where actually this is the target, and not long-term happiness).

      I so loved your comment, especially the last line, “And truth WILL always find a way to surface.” I totally agree with this.

      The response on this post has been really insightful for me. πŸ™‚
      Thank you!

  5. Thanks for visiting my blog Tapish because I found your in turn! It is amazing and I love your header.
    This is truly a great poem. (I usually don’t like poetry I read on the internet.) You must congratulate yourself for creating such a thought provoking poem. No matter whether your audience agrees with you or not, you made them stop and think about a time they either lied or were lied to. I will continue to check on your writing! Thanks for the great post! – love from Louisiana

    • You’re welcome. I really liked that poem there.

      And, thanks for appreciating the header!
      You made a very good point about ‘stop and think’ , felt great to read that and get to know that it’s true.
      Thank you so much for the wonderful comment, Jill πŸ™‚

      Have a great day!

  6. Hi πŸ™‚

    That was truly the most beautiful poem I have enjoyed reading…. It has a sense of reality…. Simply beautifully written:)

    It’s amazing… The lies uttered to us… Are engraved within those simple sentences… That carries a complex thoughts……

    Awesomeness !!!!!!!!!
    Amazing !!!!!!!
    I like this writing a lot !!!!
    Beautiful πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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