Weekly Photo Challenge: Mine

Theme: Mine
Is there a place, object, or view that’s entirely yours, or you’re a bit selfish or possessive about? Is it a feeling you feel when you look at the photo, or perhaps an unwillingness to share?

I simply love listening to music, so, yes there is an object that’s entirely mine, and I’m a bit selfish or possessive about.

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38 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Mine

  1. Well, I agree completely with this thought of yours. Everyone has that one thing in life that entirely belongs to you and you don’t want to share it with ANYONE but yourself. 🙂
    I must say you always hit the nail on the head.. 😉

  2. Yes there are things that are entirely mine. This experience of undivided individuality became stronger with age. I wrote about it in My House : http://wp.me/p2jlos-2i – and other posts have pictures of things that are truly mine, that I share very little if at all.

    • I just checked the post. Loved the way you described your house and the things which you’ve kept hidden, just as per you wanted them.
      Beautiful pictures too. 🙂

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  4. This is a great ‘Mine’ and I see why you chose it. It could have also gone into last week’s solitary. Time to yourself is so hard to achieve and so valued. Great shot and interpretation.

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  6. I agree with you. My son takes my earphones and then they get broken. He gives them back and they don’t work. I am always getting new earphones. I love to listen to music.

    • Haha.. he makes full use of them 😉
      Listening to music is one of the best things to do when you take out time for yourself.

      Thank you for the comment, Connie.
      Good day.

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  12. Yaar…. Epic picture..!!

    Simple…Yet thoughtful…
    Ordinary… Yet powerful message..

    During my travel to college, without headphones…. I couldn’t be… 🙂

    Nice one 🙂
    TakeCare 🙂

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  14. Being possessive is a positive thing. That means you are very sentimental and attached to things you love. Your girlfriend is really lucky. I hope she reads your blog ! 😀

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