A life worth living?!

How many of us have really lived up to the purpose of life?

Life is not just a mere word… its goddamn LIFE!!!
Something so splendid!! You gotta MAKE IT LARGE.

We have an inclination towards our goals a bit too much. We focus on them a great deal. That’s not at all erroneous. But what would you do if you reach the biggest goal in your life? Have another one or take pleasure from the triumph?

We often forget that we are living in this very moment. Maybe it’s the only time we have to live our life fully, because we don’t know what does life has in the box for us, for the time to come. Maybe we wake up the next day right in the world of The Deity!!
You never know, “Kal ho na ho”.
Then what?

You’ll realize, you made it too late to complete some of your tasks, but what about your own lil dreams(kept apart due to your goals),your wishes and your moral responsibilities? Have you ever thanked God for this life? Your parents for your upbringing? Your friends for their support and love? Have you?
You may end up with the note “I wish I would have… “

It does not mean you should live with no goals and no purpose, but try to make the right blend of the path to success and a life worth calling it so.

It’s considerably important to realize life’s worth. This could be the most privileged gift we could have ever got, but are we actually doing a justice to ourselves?? Give it a thought. After all, it’s your LIFE.

It’s all about adding life to our days, not just days to our life.

NoteI have done this post earlier. At that time, not even a week had passed since I started this blog, so couldn’t reach to you people. I just thought of sharing it again so that I could get to know what do you think about it.

34 responses to “A life worth living?!

  1. and it is a very touching one to share! a real reflection of what life should be lived like! By the way is the portion handwritten by you in the middle?

    • Thank you for the wonderful response, Soumya. I keep thinking about this often, seeing my cousins/relatives working hard and hard enough that they forget their family for which they are actually doing it.

      No, that’s not. I found that on Google.

  2. Well, All people live different way or they felt how to live they live that way…But very touching blog you wrote about life . Life worth living….

    • Yes, indeed they do. Mostly you can say this relates to the work-life balance.
      Thanks for your feedback!

  3. But what would you do if you reach the biggest goal in your life? Have another one or take pleasure from the triumph?
    ——. If I reach the biggest goal in my life, I would share that success and triumph to the most valuable important part of my life, my family. Without their unwavering support, I would not be able to reach the pedestal of glory. If God’s will to have another one, why not. What matters in the end is that how you will be able to share your happiness and joy to others. And I think, that’s what makes you have a life that is full of purpose. :))

    Anyway, I have a question. :=) How did you do that thing on your blog page background? And the pic on top just after your blog title? I’m quite envy. Hahaha.


    • Superb. Loved your comment and thoughts about this.
      This is really important for us to realize that what roles have others played in our success and have a sense of gratitude for them. And you just hit the bull’s eye here!

      Haha.. I’ll take that as a compliment. Thank you!
      Here you go>> Appearance >>Themes >>Customize and then you can upload a background image, which displays you a preview alongside or you can directly go the background option in appearance and add it. Same goes for the header. Hope that helps.

      Thanks once again!

      • Haha! Great! I just hit the bull’s eye. 😀

        Alright. I just thought that you can customize your blog page if you are only a premium user? ..
        Thanks a lot brotha!

        Looking forward for you next awesome entries. Keep it up! 🙂

        • Anytime! 🙂

          I feel the theme we are using suffice for our purposes here. It has much more customization options than other free themes.
          Good day!

  4. A real piece of art! Really like it!!

    It reminds me of a poem i like a lot, thought would share this with you:

    First, I was dying to finish my high school and start college.
    And then I was dying to finish college and start working.
    Then I was dying to marry and have children.
    And then I was dying for my children to grow old enough so I could go back to work.
    But then I was dying to retire.

    And now I’m dying. Suddenly I realized that I forgot to live.

  5. I live by this rule. Now. I try to make everyday count and follow my heart. I want to be sure that as I close my eyes each night I’m happy with what I did and how I treated the people I love. I am human so it’s not always attainable but just knowing that I am just trying my best to live my life to the fullest is in itself a great small l to achieve each day. Great post!

    • Yes you are absolutely right, Honey. Trying, in itself is a big task to achieve, and after all something is better than nothing. Be happy, be satisfied, be at peace.

      Thanks for taking time to share your views. Good day.

  6. This really strikes a chord. I have reached 75 years and I have no regrets about the past, I think because I always really lived intensely and in the moment. On the surface it seems that I have not achieved much, I did not gather money – but, I have achieved ME. Thanks for this reminder about what is important.

    • “I have achieved ME” – The best thing you could do to your life.
      Money is not as important as you, Vera. I believe it plays an important role in making realize its worth, but we as a human are at much higher standards.
      Thanks for your time 🙂
      Good day.

  7. My resume is short and I don’t have many letters in front or behind my name but for me my greatest moments in life have been when I brought love,comfort,and peace to others. Superb post Tapish! Thank you for asking about my step-son he is improving physically and emotionally with each passing day!

    • Thank you, Nancy. This is indeed the best thing you could do, bring love,comfort,and peace to others.

      Good to hear that. You’re always welcome.

  8. Reblogged this on Where's my fairytale? and commented:
    I absolutely agree with you. I gotta say. life is too short for us to live. We do things that made us regret in the past, and each of which might be a big effect in our future. But yes, what is the purpose of our lives? Everyday, we do something to achieve our goals. These goals that we have are the reasons that keeps us going. These are what we think are the purpose to why we are alive, to why we are given this life. But most of us tend to focuse on them. Meaning, less time with family and friends. Let me tell you again, LIFE IS TOO SHORT. Live it up! These goals are just a part of what makes up our lives. Sure you feel happy and merriment after achieving this. But what’s after that? We often forget that we are living in this very moment. Don’t focus too much on your work. Give time to yourself. What’s not to lose anyway? You’re too busy working your ass off that you’ve forgotten to live your life! You may end up saying “I wish I would have…” Though, I’m not saying to live a life with no goals and purpose, just make sure you balance your time. Choose the path that will lead you to success and make your life worth calling it so. We all have different ways to live our own lives. But we have to consider life’s worth. This is the best gift that God has given us. Thanks for this inspiring post of yours.

    • Thanks for the reblog, Bianca.
      I’m so pleased to know we think alike on this subject. Yes we should make out the most of this precious gift and respect its worth. Of course work and goals are important, as they keep you going, but even our family and friends play a key role in our life which we often tend to overlook. So we just need to realize this and sooner the better.
      Cheers to life! 🙂

    • Hehe.. Good one!
      I’ve been following the first part but the second part makes it sound all the more fun. 🙂

    • Oh.. I know from exactly where are these thoughts coming. I was already reading your ‘revision=depression’ post. 😀

      And, yes I agree to you on that. Be calm and chill yourself! Good day.

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