26 responses to “The Pursuit of Happyness

  1. Have you read the Dalai Lama’s book on ‘HAPPINESS’ or his ‘BOOK OF TRANSFORMATION’?
    If not, do check them out – well worth your time.
    Peace & cheers!

    • No I haven’t. Now that you have suggested this, I’ll surely check it out, though I have read some of his quotes, which I found insightful. Thanks for the suggestion.

      And, I still remember your comment on ‘With freedom comes responsibility’, I know I have to reply, but every time I try, I think that will not suffice. So I’ll come up with a proper reply, something which explains my thoughts clearly.

  2. Well said… loved the movie & quote.. it clearly tells you what happiness is all about and how & what you need to do to achieve it… Happiness- different definition for different people. One aims to get happiness in his/her entire life and try to chase every single path which could lead to Happiness! but forgets that instead of struggling in outside world, they need to look inside and see their potential of creating Happiness! Happiness lies within!

    Nice Post Tapish! Keep posting…

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