26 responses to “Chase a dream or live it?

  1. In words of Paulo Coelho, ‘When you want something, the entire universe conspires in helping you to achieve it’.

    —-> I strongly believe that. With that quote, Paulo Coelho conveys that we need to be positive too. We should not negate the situation that has not happened instead we just need to think and act upon it that it will really happen. Despite the harsh circumstances that beset me, I still choose to live my dreams. There’s no shortcut to success. You have to work hard for it. There are lot of people out there who want everything well in fact, you can’t have everything, isn’t it? 🙂 In addition to that, they aim for one thing yet they do not work for it. So what’s the point of dreaming if you just dream on it! You should make it happen. Yes, it’s not that easy. But of all the very successful people I know, they become successful because they have persevered and endured the pain along the journey.


  2. Dreams make us walk,dreams make us live.
    with passion full of zeal,
    enthusiasm instilled,
    dream to achieve,dream to live,
    chasing a dream ,
    or living the dream,
    Are one and the same thing…Run behind your aspirations,
    follow your heart and get absorbed,
    Dreams are a beautiful part of life,
    without which we gifts of nature are n’t endowed!

  3. Ohh that’s so true! Great post and wise words. I’d rather live my dreams of course 🙂 That’s the way we should think. If we think we’re chasing, we’ll always chase… let’s think that we are already in our dream! yeah!

  4. Dear Tapish: the entire focus changes when you reach your older years and start looking back at how you lived your life. As for myself, I believe that to live your dream you MUST chase it. It will not come to you. Based on how I was raised, nobody would have guessed that I would revolutionize my life the way I did. Later on, my parents told me that they did not try to stop me because I was “so determined” – but I did not know it at the time; I only knew I wanted something and I figured out HOW to do it. Perhaps first of all one must really WANT something.
    So my young friends: dream and chase but first WANT !

    • I so agree with you Vera. EXPERIENCE counts and I get to know this every time I’m bestowed with your comment! Yes I can feel that they are sort of related but as you said to want something keeps them alive. It does, indeed. We need to have a motivational force behind the actions which is only possible if we really want something badly and do our best for that.

      Thanks for your comment.

  5. I bet most of us would rather live our dreams than chase them… But success is a process and, for some, the road is smooth-sailing while for others it’s a minefield… It’s never the same for all. Staying on the path, re-evaluating our goals, and maintaining a grateful heart help us manage the challenging times. 🙂 Great post Tapish!

  6. Well, ideally, living our dreams is what we should do but don’t we end up just chasing them? Much positive as this post is, I admire your way of thinking and styling it in words like you always do.

    Keep them coming Tapish! 🙂

    • Yes we end up doing just that. But that’s the question, how can we learn not to!

      Thank you Asha for such a pleasing comment.
      And, Happy Diwali 🙂

      • I’d visited your blog just today afternoon as didn’t get to read much from you for almost a fortnight.

        Hope things are fine Tapish.

        Wishing you & your family too Happy Diwali & New Year.



  7. HI pure gold,
    a couple of things…
    1. I loved this post…this is as if i have written this myself
    2. your writing is great here.. such mature writing..You suddenly look grown up. You made your point, yes you did.
    3. That line is my most-referred to line.as well..‘When you want something, the entire universe conspires in helping you to achieve it’.
    4. I absolutely recommend “The Secret”, if you haven’t read it already.
    5. And yes, the only roadblock between our dream and reality is “We” and “our mindset”
    Liked this!

    • No, I haven’t read ‘The Secret’. I’ll google it right away.

      It’s a wonderful comment from your side, Zinal. Glad to know we have similar mindset on this and that you liked my ‘suddenly grown up’ thoughts 😛
      Thank you!

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