Treasured Response

Hello folks! I hope you all are doing good. I have been busy off late, so couldn’t be regular in reading your blogs and posting on mine. Apology for that!

One of my previous posts, The Weight of Expectations, has fortunately received a great response and I am posting here the best one out of them. The comments from my fellow reader Vera Esilia at ilghepardo are really inspiring and insightful. She has her views on almost every blog post here. Her experience reflects from the way she see things and explains them. So I am sharing this treasured response with you all.

” You always a have profound thoughts to bring to the table… There is a difference between the underdog and the under-performer, I think. The latter may not have the mental capability to perform and may in fact be happier within his limits than the underdog who is kept down and out by others, or by circumstances he cannot control. The underdog can rise to respond to expectations more easily than the person unable to even recognize them. Expectations follows us all life long, they seem a burden but in reality they hone us. They stimulate us to become creative and fearless – and our own expectation of ourselves enrich us that way much more than those imposed by parents and family.
Parents must realize that their role is to step aside at one point to allow the person that they have been creating, to go into the world walking on his/her own legs under his/her own expectations. I said step aside only, not go away; and we parents must be careful not to throw expectations that we had for us onto the back of our children. To each his/her especially chosen expectations, freely chosen, not those imposed by others. Expectations without meaning are the true burden. Those we choose are the adventure of life. Pick them carefully, if they correspond to your ideals and dreams you’ll carry them lightly. Do not confuse ideals with dreams, the latter are often unrealistic, they can become stones and shackles tied to your foot, while ideals are like a guide book. I was lucky that my ideals did most of the time correspond to my dreams; if I ran into a mismatch, I was able to change my fate, following the ideals.
Now in my latter years the expectations have diminished and I can look back without any important regrets, I can look back at the mental adventure that my life truly has been, review how I Iived and replay the wonderful memories of the “movie” of my life. Thank you Tapish for bringing me to think about all this. It must be what people call “inspiring”!

6 responses to “Treasured Response

  1. Happens to all of us. Two significant gadget/computing/communications changes in the past 48 hours. Busy sorting everything back into smoothness, part of my communications life.

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