Lost in your Beauty!

This post is the English version of my previous poem,  क्या-कहना!
Here, the speaker is keenly observing a pretty girl, donning a white Indian ethnic, who is out in the streets enjoying the lovely rains to the fullest. He gets mesmerised by her beauty and charm; and silently seeing all her expressions, secretly falls in love with her, spellbound by her tenderness!
So, here it goes, my best attempt to translate it; though not in a poetic form.

I feel lost in your beauty…

The moment when the cool breeze glides your stole away…

The moment when the sudden rumbling of thunders, makes you jitter…

The moment when the rain pours on your face, you twirl around and feel it…

The moment when the water droplets slowly descend down your skin…

The moment when you dance barefooted on the ground, and splash the water…

The moment when you lift your hands in the air, and feel the aroma of soaked mud…

The moment when your wet clothes nestle on to your body…

The moment when you think of someone and smile to yourself…

The moment when you feel him close, you slowly look up and blush…

The moment when you eventually snuggle into his arms…

Oh girl! Your every expression makes me love you more and more,

The moment you understand my feelings, I would be in a heavenly bliss…


39 responses to “Lost in your Beauty!

  1. Now, this is so very amazingly and tremendously beautiful with loads of feelings to play with as you proceed with the poem from word to word!
    I wonder at the time when I have been told who guys do not have feelings and even if they do have some, they are not the good ones to express! I am sure ya guys can express out more than girls if given an opportunity!!
    I am just in love with this one!! 🙂
    A great effort, Tapish.

    • Yes few of my readers here really wanted to read that, so just gave a try.
      Hmm.. I know the Hindi one is much better, it gives you that feel 😛
      And, I’m really grateful for the lovely comment I just got. 🙂

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