Don’t just exist, LIVE..!!

Most of the people on this planet are existing, they are not living. They are existing, because they are not dying. You have seen the train and the bogies. And if you ask me why the bogies are moving, I’ll tell you because they can’t help it, because they just have to move. People come on this planet and die as ordinary  people, that’s all. And they blame the situation for what they are in. Life is meant to be lived – and very few of us actually live life to its potential. Most of us live a dark shadow of what our life could be – in fact, most of us don’t even consider what our lives could be.

You are afraid to die, and you’re afraid to live. What a way to exist. ― Neale Donald Walsch

The life without an aim is considered the life without a proper direction. It’s like a ship floating aimlessly in the vast ocean. Have you, even once, ever thought of your objectives of life? Majority of us in today’s busy schedules  rarely have time to focus on what can truly bring us greater clarity and therefore greater meaning to our lives. We most often get caught up living our lives on automatic pilot and end up working extremely hard on just existing rather than consciously living. The difference between an existence and a full life is involvement. Does your life have meaning?

Nobody on this entire planet has more rights to live their lives on their own terms than you do. Accept the world for what it is and not for what you want it to be. You control the world by taking control of yourself. Being who YOU are is all you have to be. I truly believe that it is a rare thing for people to “live”, simply because we are influenced more by the external than the internal. To be a victim to outside circumstances is to EXIST, but to be influenced by the internal is to LIVE. If you haven’t consciously done so yet, start today by making goddamn sure you give yourself the Love and Respect that you undoubtedly deserve. Give it to yourself first, then expect it from the outside.

Don’t just sleep, DREAM.
Don’t just think, FEEL.
Don’t just exist, LIVE..!!

27 responses to “Don’t just exist, LIVE..!!

    • Hello Kate! Thank you very much.
      Santa and the ad was fun too. Must have been great for your family. Now I’ll catch up more on your blog to know Phil. 😉

  1. You know.. it seems that a lot of people are waking up to this Truth, but still many more – haven’t. I lived, and it had its beautiful moments, but waking up to total awareness was a shock.
    It’s good that you as a young guy – got it early. What’s your Sun Sign, since you mentioned that in Gravatar:)

  2. Wow, amazing post! We go through life in autopilot too often and having each day pass by like yesterday. That’s fine..until at point, when we look back, we’ve just gone another year without living a real life.
    And, great three lines too. 🙂

    • Exactly. We do not put efforts to bring about the change, something which really stands apart from the rest.
      Glad you agree.

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