The Game of Happiness

Do you remember playing Hide and Seek as a child? For some of us, this game has never truly ended. It’s like the area has been expanded to the entire world and we now search in things such as love, time, money, marriage, promotions and the list goes on. The relentless pursuit we once engaged in to find our friends has now become a desire to find happiness. The thing is where to look and how to find it?

The answer to this question could be a quest, ‘Our quest in life’. I think we all spend our lives on a quest. Life can be referred to as a quest and not a question, maybe a quest for meaning, for love, perhaps an esoteric piece of wisdom and for many … the quest for happiness.

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It is highly important that we find the joy in our life. FIND THE JOY.

How do we define joy? Is a large portion of our lives spent on the attainment of happiness and is it sustainable? Happiness is an emotion, a mood, a feeling, and a dynamic state. It isn’t a destination we miraculously arrive at, but it’s about cultivating moments’ of joy throughout the journey, and most importantly… happiness is a decision. If we’re continually questioning when we’ll find happiness, and what exactly will create that happiness, then we’re depending on external factors and therefore not being accountable for our own lives.

Perhaps there are things we have always wanted to do but have always deterred ourselves, because instead, we listen to that little pessimistic voice inside us or to that little nagging voice of others. Maybe we have always had the support of others but have never had the self-belief and confidence.

Now is the time to drown out that monster noise and… Just go for it. WIN IT.


13 responses to “The Game of Happiness

  1. I disagree. Happiness is not a decision. That would make it a verb. Happiness is a state of mind. Happiness is the description of our feelings while alive. Just as sadness is. Happiness should be cherished when in abundance. It is not a decision! Sorry, but I disagree,

    • I respect your point, Mark. But this is how we can define happiness. That ‘state of mind’ comes when we feel it. We just need to realize what brings us to that state and the emotions will show up. You need to decide where you find it, not considering others’ definition for it.

      • I see what you’re saying, Tapish. I think we are close on ideals of happiness. Except in the first & second paragraphs you speak of finding happiness, the quest for happiness. Then after the photo, you speak of seeking joy, to find happiness.
        If I were a dark thinking person, I could use this same logic on sadness. – I seek misery to find sadness. However I am not that kind of person. I am happy. I seek joy. Sometimes sadness seeks me. i hide from it. Though in the end, I am happy, I don’t seek it. See what I mean? And a final thought out of curiosity, are you happy?

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