I sit here, dejected

I sit here, before my laptop screen, Dejected.

Befuddled, with mix feelings of sadness and contentment and hope.

Sad, due to the demise of the Delhi brave heart girl.

Contented, as this case made the youth and the elderly united (though it’s still late) to stand against the exponentially growing crimes against women.

Hopeful, as the anti-rape protests could really change the scenario for the future.

Shocked, as molestation, rapes and gang rapes continue to happen, without fear.

Livid, as the government is just making promises, and will keep them intact (read, forever unfulfilled)

Miserable, as we have to beg for justice every time. We have become potential beggars; the justice we should be readily provided, has to begged, that too in masses.

I do not know what to write,

I am just sitting here, before my laptop screen, LOST.


29 responses to “I sit here, dejected

  1. Dear Tapish: Take heart my friend you and many others have given this young woman a voice and raised awareness in many. May I extend my deepest condolences to her family and friends. Respectfully Yours Nancy

  2. Tapish, I stand with you in your pain… I am saddened by her brutal rape and death. I am disturbed by the police response to demonstrations, and I am distressed that such hatefulness persists in our world… May God help us all.
    ¸.•*¨*•. May 2013 Be A Happy New Year to You & Yours!*¨*•.¸¸ ♥

  3. Happy 2013.
    I share with you the feelings of dejection, am too upset to put it into words and hope, really hope that your government will wake up to the discrimination, brutality, and suffering your women go through and act decisively to reduce the occurrence of such heinous acts in the future.

  4. The same feelings are here! whenever I sit and think .its all confusion,sadness and a mixed feeling! This new year isn’t that enthusiatic from teh soul as it always use dto be.even though she was a stranger ,somehow everyone is connected

  5. Tapish, it is through voices like yours that change comes if it is only one person at a time. The world is filled with violence. It is true in the US too. Such violence saddens and diminishes us all. We must keep the faith and carry on for the sake of those whose lives have been broken or lost. Change will come. Wishing you success, health and joy in the new year! Granny

    • So good to read your comment, Granny. First of all, a very happy New Year to you.

      Your response is really uplifting. Thank you so much 🙂

  6. Dear Tapish: I have been too upset to even talk about the terrible things that have happened here and there. I know how you feel. take the words of your friends as comfort and hope for a better world if it can ever come.
    My questions are many about what is going on here in the United States with the habitual violence of the people. And I have one about the girl who died so terribly over there: What I ask is: was there a driver on that bus?? nothing was said about someone who kept driving a bus while murder and even worse was happening near him – ( bus drivers are males I am sure in India? maybe he felt she deserved it by being out alone with a girl friend?? is that the mindset? I do not want to offend you or your people but this question has really made me feel bad.) Has the presence of the bus driver even been addressed by the press ? was the bus without a driver on some automatic system? if not, was the driver arrested as an accomplice, which he was ?
    Anyway, all we can hope is to live our lives with care and compassion, ( but NOT for murderers of children and women); my life is all used up, but you, and others like you, can bring much needed relief into the future of this tormented world.
    Thanks for listening.
    My warmest wishes to you, your family, and your country in 2013. Sincerely, Vera

    • Yes, there was a driver in that bus, and he too was involved in this heinous act. He took the bus to a different route then intended. When the guy accompanying the girl objected, other guys there started beating him, and the driver kept driving the bus. Few days later, he was arrested and he confessed about the scene. He too, with other 5 raped that girl.
      It’s tragic, but it’s true. Some people have such disgusting mindsets about women here, that I do not even want to think about it.

      Thanks for the support and yes, I believe we will change this situation, whatever be the cost.

      Best regards.
      Take care.

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