Te Amo!

Everything about you,
Brings out the fiery lover in me.
The moment I get distressed,
you’re already there to fill me with glee.

A touch, a glance,
a gentle whisper,
Just a glimpse of you,
gives me sheer pleasure.

I have never felt such yearning,
As I do of now.
I just can’t control my feelings,
so I want to know how.

Never before I’ve spent so much time
wooing,courting, and making sure my love is known.
We started as just friends,
and now this love has perfectly outgrown.

This is an unusual romance;
energizing, intoxicating, even unsettling.
A state of being, that comes along,
I feel my worth, it’s a peaceful feeling.

I’ll do my best,
to bring us together as one.
‘Coz when I think about you,
I find you the perfect one.

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