India Gate turns into a Battleground

“It appears to be that a rod was inserted into her and it was pulled out with so much force that the act brought out her intestines along. That is probably the only thing that explains such severe damage to her intestines,” he said.

According to sources, one of the accused persons who were brought to the hospital for a medical examination on Tuesday confessed to having seen a rope-like object — likely her intestines — being pulled out of the girl by the other assailants on the bus. The sources said that the girl had bite marks on her body.

“There was permanent damage to her intestines, and with the intestines completely gone she will have to feed through intravenous fluids all her life. But that is secondary, our primary focus at the moment is to save her life,” said Dr BD Athani, Medical Superintendent, Safdarjung Hospital.

– The Hindustan Times

Justice should  not be just promised, but GRANTED..!! It’s time for our so called ‘democratic’ government to give an answer and stand by their promises. Otherwise, we will have to turn up and protest. Again. And Again. And again, if we need to make sure our voice be heard.

In this case, as in the earlier ones, the protests were peaceful till things took an ugly turn on Sunday evening. Nobody was physically attacking anybody, public or private property was not being damaged, and there was no violence. A few young boys and girls throwing bottles or stones don’t make a protest dangerous. So why the insistence on breaking it up and clearing the area?

Often the police response is that no permission was sought for the protest. When protests are against police inaction, does it not seem strange that we must seek the permission of the police before protesting? Second, the notion of seeking permission might make sense when it is an organized protest, but where in the question of seeking permission when people spontaneously turn up to register their anger? Who is expected to seek permission?

Our government and police must get used to the idea that in the era of social media many protests will be spontaneous and without clear leaders who can seek and get permission. The response cannot be to just put them down. 

People have the right to protest peacefully in a democracy. However, the way the police have handled the protests in Delhi in the last two days has shown that both the police and government are clueless as to how to deal with spontaneous protests. Instead of recognizing what is bringing our children, young girls and boys, to the wind-swept lawns of India Gate, instead of gauging the depth of their anguish born of a horrendous rape that makes the country hang its head in shame, our police and administrators are dealing with the protesters as they would with hired crowds often brought by vested political interests to create mischief. HORRIBLE!!

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46 responses to “India Gate turns into a Battleground

  1. It was honestly the most horrendous rape case i’ve ever seen and there has to be a death penalty for the assailants, but then again since our government itself is filled with MP’s and MLA’s with rape cases against them, there is little hope for justice!

    • I feel even death is demeaning for them. They belittle the punishments like castration and death.
      Yes even I think the same. Who knows the police officers they suspended won’t join their duty again the next week itself!
      Promises will remain as promises, forever.

  2. In Sweden, they classify culprits as such as mentally ill. I say they’re pure evil, and the proper punishment would be to do the same thing to them that they did to her.

  3. What an awful thing! Forgive me but it sounds a bit like some real life zombie apocalypse – and I always thought INdians were relatively gentle. What kind of people do these things and why? and yes, I agree with you about the protests, the police shouldn’t use such brutality.

    • W actually, in majority, are gentle . But you know thousands of apples will have tens of rotten ones. That’s the case. And these kind of rotten people bring shame to humanity.

      Yes, the police and the govt made a political issue out of it.

  4. I am flabbergasted. A peaceful demonstration over heinous act should be applauded not attacked with force and such police brutality. This is a sad day on earth. 😦

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