About the Blog

Hello folks!

Welcome to LIFE OF 24 HOURS.

The inspiration of this blog has come up from the deepest of my heart. I have been into this work for 8 years now. I wrote my first article in which I compared life with a day, how the time and phases change for both and eventually how it affects us. I titled it ‘Life of 24 hours’, so it has been my first thought to name this blog on my first creation, being the closest to my heart.

Since then, I have been an amateur and love to pen down my thoughts, in the form of poems, articles and concepts. Yes! Even concepts, about life!!!Β It sounds a bit odd, isn’t it? But you’ll get to know when you will read the blog. I’ll soon share it with you all.

And lastly, as I find myself engaged in various things every now and then, so this blog ain’t just about aspects of life, but also photography, sketching and poetry.

Happy Reading! πŸ™‚


31 responses to “About the Blog

  1. Well, at first glance it is interesting–in the end isn’t everything we do a commentary on life and on living and how the two sometimes manage to travel the same path now and then if only for a moment or two?

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