It’s been a year!

It has been a year since “Life of 24 hours” was created. But it became alive only when you people joined me in this journey. Yes, I created the blog on 13th Sep, 2011 but I became an active blogger only in July this year. Earlier I was a bit hesitant. When I started getting read, it helped me gain confidence in myself. For one way communication, there has always been a diary for me, but sometimes I needed a two-way insightful communication, and so I started blogging.

You all have been so supportive readers for me. Today, I extend my heartfelt thanks to each of you, my friends, visitors and followers who have provided me perpetual grounds of encouraging response, and of course, the incredible WordPress Community.

I hope that in the following year, we will strengthen our bonds as bloggers and individuals, through Life of 24 Hours and WordPress.

Thanks once again for your love and support. Happy Blogging!

Life is a continuous challenge and an unending struggle. We do not become rich by what is in our pocket,  but by what is in our heart.

27 responses to “It’s been a year!

    • OMG!! Impeccable!
      That was surprising. I had a smile the moment I read this.
      No, you are absolutely right here.

      I’m glad to have this wonderful comment. Thanks a ton!
      Shukriya Nancy.

  1. I took time to educate myself today. Jaipur ( The Pink City) capital city of Rajasthan. Population 3.1 million with 22 different languages spoken. Jaipur was founded on November 18,1727 by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh 11. Very interesting city!

  2. “but sometimes I needed a two-way insightful communication” : I can connect so well to that 🙂
    Rightly said.
    Cheers to the 1st successful B’day! Keep going! 😀

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