The Deafening Silence!

Hello folks,

Tranquillity & silence for the world to see…
But, clatter and rattle for the own psyche…

Do the above lines mean anything to you?
It undeniably means to me, my every night or possibly every moment in seclusion. “The noisy, or perhaps, the deafening silence in my head up there.”

Now, I suppose you must have got my point. You might be thinking, “YES! This happens to me every other minute”. At times, my mind has surplus thoughts, enough to deafen my senses. The redundant production of thoughts in that 3-pound chamber of mine is what drives me crazy. I literally beg my mind to shut up when I couldn’t handle it, without letting others know it from my expressions.

Introspection is a different thing, in fact it is good to introspect ourselves. That helps you know your own self, or try self-analysing yourself and you can find answers to many questions left with answers awaited. But THIS! I don’t even have a answer for this thing.

Sometimes, people do catch me, when I am lost in the world of my random thoughts, unaware of the environs. In the daytime it’s generally passable, but at NIGHT it’s all the more a monstrous thing to experience when I try to sleep. And, this happens most of the times when I begin to step in that partly subconscious state. I keep requesting my mind, to stop thinking, be like a good friend, be calm and let me sleep.

Sometimes I feel it must be happening with all of you, but the next second, I have more and more and more thoughts my way. So please spare a minute to respond to these questions.

Does this happen to you? Do you feel like this at times?
If yes, then please let me know, how do you handle it?


The Deafened Mind @ Night

34 responses to “The Deafening Silence!

  1. Surely you are jesting… I bet you are glad you have that kind of mind.
    I do too,so I will answer yr. questions:
    Does this happen to you? YES. Do you feel like this at times? OFTEN.
    If yes, then please let me know, how do you handle it? OK: I use it. I enjoy it the multiple threads in my head, that is where creativity resides, especially when in the sleep-wake state you mention and when I first wake up and thoughts just bound into my head. ( It is NOT evil mind at all. It’s full mind.)

    • No I’m not, really.. Up to an extent it is fine I know. But, sometimes I feel my mind is going to burst. Thinking too much and that too about every single thing drives me insane.
      I’m glad you answered to these questions, Vera!
      I’ll try enjoying it as you say, though it seems to be a hefty task.

      Thanks a lot for your precious time.

      • Well, it may be hefty task but I would bet that you have the hefty mind for it. No, really, maybe you can try some Eastern Meditation techniques? In the U.S. they say that transcendental meditation works wonders for the restless mind (the monkey on our shoulder, remember?)

        • Yes Vera, you are absolutely right about the meditation thing. Even my parents keep telling me this, so I’m trying to improve upon my schedule. And, actually that’s the best and guaranteed solution to my state of mind.
          Glad you advised me for this 🙂

  2. This one is a great read! I enjoyed reading it.
    It happens at times with me but only when I am mentally disturbed or involved in something which I can’t get rid of! I think you need to marry.. lol
    Jokes apart, I guess you need to give you mind a bit of rest bu taking less stress!!
    Good Luck!

    • Haha 😀 Oh god, I’m not even 22 as yet!
      You did enjoy this?
      I’m going crazy and you’re having fun.. hmm 😉

      That’s the question, how do i do it? take less stress? 😛

      Thanks for your time, Naima!

      • Okay, fine! Don’t marry! (lol) That was a joke!!
        Are you in LOVE then?? (lol) avoid my crappy jokes tonight, I think I am drunk! lol
        I had fun reading it, you wrote it well especially how you say SHUT UP to your mind! The thing is, try to be carefree – why do you stress so muchhh Mr. Gupta??? They say na, TAKE A CHILL PILL or TAKE IT EASY – be like that or ask your mum to start freezing ice in your hot boiling mind! lol
        Thank you for such a great post, dear one 🙂

        PS– I hope you aren’t offended with my stupid jokes!

  3. 1st is chemical. I love caffein – so, I have none after, say 3PM – excepting that contained in a bit of dark chocolate in the evening.

    2nd is a blog post in the hopper – from recent studies examining the premise of computing just before trying to sleep being counter-productive – and researchers learned it ain’t the computing – it’s just facing a bright screen that bothers your sleep processes.

    No idea how useful either of these my be.

    • Thanks for the advice, Edward!
      Yes, I’ve been taking coffee every night for years, so I guess this one might be useful enough.
      But there is no good time for blogging/posting other than night, as you feel more of yourself when you’re in solitude and there is no one around to hinder your thought process. And, as you said for the brightness of screen, I thought that could strain my eyes, making me feel exhausted and help me sleep. So I was wrong.
      I’ll keep these in mind. Thank you so much 🙂

  4. Great post Tapish! A common situation where we always get trapped ! Most of us get confused,exhausted or rather messed ..and it all shows on the face. I too have a jumble of things going every second but when I sit idle,pulling me in every differnt direction.I opt to listen to my fav music,watch some good tv shows, else start writing that keeps all my thoughts off…and lastly if anything cnt be done, I choose to think about the thought which brings smile on my face and happiness in my heart.. 🙂

    • Thank you, Soumya 🙂
      I agree to you and feel that it goes for many of the bloggers, who keep thinking about something or the other.
      Yes, music is one good thing for relaxation.
      Hehe.. last one is nice, when I try this, a tug of war starts in my head 😀

  5. Hi, when i’ve forgotten to take my tablets my mind can be like that on a night while trying to get to sleep, lots of thoughts just rushing around and I just keep repeating to myself “shut up i’m trying to get to sleep”. That’s why I started on one of the tablets I take, which seem to do the trick. Good luck with it, however you deal with it.

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  7. Well, I guess, right from the start I should qualify that I know what you feel, by say I’m a manic-depressive. I’m bi-polar. On top of never being able to turn off the noises in my head, I also have to deal with their attitudes as well. Attitudes which I’m never sure of where they stand at any given moment.

    • Oh yes I totally understand what you’ve said.
      I don’t feel depression or anything like that, its like.. I think my mind is hyper-active at times, and thinks about anything, just anything.
      Meditation is one perfect solution for us I guess. Good Luck!

  8. Yeah used to happen to me every night… still happens if I let it. But my trick is to not go to bed unless I’m truly exhausted. Or watch series/TV/movies or read books in bed.

  9. It has been my experience that individuals such as yourself who are intelligent and creative are often under siege. It is said that there is a thin line between genius and madness. May I suggest meditation.

  10. Hey! happens to me all the time. very irritating. Meditation is good. what I do is pick my favorite mantra and focusing on that i repeat it over and over. you could also focus on your breathing. literally think ‘in’ and ‘out’. ‘getting married’ as suggested by your friend is also a good option..:) 🙂

  11. Hey Tapish ! even I experience the same thing everytime. Just a funny advice- try blogging whenever you’re not able to shut your mind… lol… we’ll get some more crazy posts to read 😛

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