The first Milestone!

Hello readers,

I will begin with a sense of gratitude and utmost pleasure to say that I have achieved the first milestone in blogging. Yes, a thousand visits! The feeling is ecstatic.
The credit goes to my family, friends, WordPress followers, and all the other readers, who loved my effort and appreciated me to keep up the work. Thanks to all of you who helped ‘Life of 24 hours’ get off the ground. The links you shared for my posts, your comments and feedback brought traffic for the blog.

The posts that I write down are my personal views on the matters which matter to most of us in our lives and the thoughts which surround us every now and then. But these can always be improved. I welcome any suggestions, comments, feedback from you guys.

Well thank you very much again, I’ll keep posting my work and you all keep sharing it. 🙂

Tapish Gupta


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