Being Human: Reality Bites

Thanks for your amazing response on the previous post Being Human: The Need of the Hour. There was more of it to be discussed about, so I had to write this second part of the post to bring to light another aspect of this issue.

You know what, when this news just began to spread, a news channel presented it in exactly the opposite manner. The girl victim was being blamed by the channel as the cause of molestation. They created the headline,roughly, “A drunk girl in the city creating rumpus”. The molestation view was not even talked and discussed about. To them, it was a simple case of “drunk and scantily dressed girl being given a lesson with public beating for standing out of a pub in such condition! The channel also argued that the girl ‘asked for it’ by dressing in this way.

The editor even compared her to a prostitute. His tweet that day said, “Major chunk of girls visiting pubs/bars are prostitutes.” This is a shameful comment by a man on such a notable post. It’s dejecting to know that such people exist in our society. Nothing can be more dismal than this.
In words of a fellow blogger at

Rape is not about sex. It is about power. It is about making someone feel like nothing while getting an ego boost from depraved acts. No woman “asks for it” or “tempts” the men. The only reason that argument is even made is because the majority of cultures in the world do not recognize women as individuals equal in mind and status as a male. If a man is brutally molested by another man, no one says he ‘asked for it’.

The comment explains it all. In this male patriarchal society, it’s really very difficult to uproot such things, but it has to be done somehow. These problems have stood up because of that part of the culture, which brings with it the age-old orthodox thinking that women have to be submissive to men.

The present scenario emerged only a day later when the video of the incident was shared on Social Networking sites which led to public outrage. Officials responsible quickly changed the statements and actions were taken. Hoardings, posters were put for the identified culprits. A few of them have even been arrested. But what for, they will soon be bailed. Damn this system!

***A man should become like the man; whom he would like his daughter or sister to be with***

21 responses to “Being Human: Reality Bites

  1. Yeah we all know media has the ultimate power of presenting things in a hundred different variants. We can’t do much about that. Last year (or it was probably this year, I can’t remember), a teacher at the most renowned school and college in Bangladesh was held responsible for sexually harassing one of his students at his home. He used to force the girls to go to his home for private tution. It’s nothing new here. Everybody has private tutor. But this teacher took advantage of the girl and the news came into light.

    And then the real drama began. The school authority had two of the most influential medias at hand and therefore quickly turned truth into an ugly matter saying that the girl used to wear provoking dresses and all that. We felt kinda lost in the power of money that was spent in this thing.

    However, a handful of students stood up and opened a Facebook page where they posted all the latest information and pictures straight from the school. We used to call it alternative media and I believe if news medias don’t come out of corporate jungle they will soon be replaced totally.

    • You raised a great point here Sajib. Very true. Media definitely plays a key role in such incidents. Have heard about the case you’re talking about. It happens and happens everywhere. Few cases are tossed in public, rest just vanish.
      Thanks for your comment!

  2. Its disdainful.. this entire episode is a mocking reminder of how hypocritical this society is and how feeble and weak a woman still is in India or elsewhere.. She ‘asks for’ rape, molestation, assault coz she dresses in a certain way, ha..ya right! Somehow it still is always a woman’s fault.

    And these ‘so called’ guardians of women’s modesty, who can’t even differentiate right from wrong, will now call her a ‘prostitute’ just coz she was at a pub and even lay down rules for her behaviour. Wow! Perfect

    India Shining!

    • I feel how can they even think in such a manner. They say crap about the victims and then even support their argument. They are a disgrace to society. Often the people who point the finger, have got the most to hide!
      Your comment has left a pinching effect deep inside.

  3. But they say charity begins at home… Slowly we can all change this.. we can teach our coming generation things that our earlier generation skipped telling us, for whatever reasons.

    The least we can do is teach our boys how to respect all women in their lives, tell them that girls are as human as they are..
    Teach our girls not to be afraid of anything, and if ever, God forbid, they find themselves in such an ugly situation, they should not be afraid of anyone and should tell their family the whole truth. We should assure them that we will support them and they have to live life with their head held high. Always.

    That’s how we can change.. that’s how we can make future boys sensitive about such issues and future girls more strong headed.

    • Wow.. Superb!
      This has to be implemented asap. Not a difficult task at all. Perhaps this is the only solution to such stigmas. Education about these things and awareness has to be widespread. The time to come will surely see this.
      I think the kind of taboo these issue are in India, have eroded our culture somewhere. The more you try to suppress these things, they come back with the full force at times and cause such acts to happen. The main accused of this incident also said that he didn’t plan for it, but it just happened and he couldn’t control himself!

  4. I guess this rot stems from the fact (specially in our country) that males are made to believe that they are a gift from heaven ever since they are born. Growing up they see the bias against their mother, sisters. They grow up expecting to be treated like Gods and think of women as mere objects. No laws can help till the men start thinking differently..

  5. Sexual harassment is one sin for which people blame the victim, and not the culprit. It is plainly disgusting, and I can’t even begin to imagine what is in the minds of such people who blame the girl for all the horrible things that she undergoes because some one else is a big time loser! Kudos to you for bringing this up!

  6. we keep saying men should treat other girls like their sisters and daughters. my point is that these men would not treat their sisters and daughters with any respect either. even if they did not molest them they may beat them, terrorize them and throw them out on the streets at the mercy of the world. so many girl infants are killed, so many sisters and daughters married to violent men, and abandoned literally. if he holds women cheap then that idea is fixed in his mind and we can’t change his nature or force his remorse. what we can do is stop these acts by not tolerating them for a second.
    that said thanks for stopping by my blog, and do comment and let me know your thoughts, feedback or if you have a story relevant to my post genes and life.

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