A horrid mind!

This was my reaction when I saw it. A few days ago, when I was checking my Stats page, I came across this and was dumbstruck. I didn’t know how to react and following it, numerous questions arose in my bewildered head.

OK, it was in Other Search Terms of my blog, “recorded rape”.

How could anyone search for this? I mean why would anyone want to see ‘recorded rape’? What must be in that person’s mind? Whatever may be the reason, I couldn’t think of anything positive behind it. I knew where it must have led him to. I did two posts on a shameful molestation scandal, Being Human: The need of the hour and Being Human: Reality Bites, about a girl being publicly molested and some people around recorded its video while others merely stood and watched!

Then I myself used the same search term in Google. I checked the first 15 pages, and then some pages just at random, but I couldn’t find my blog post as a result for this. How on earth, did that person land on my blog searching for it then?

But that’s not what made me go berserk; it was the motive behind that search. Plenty of questions come to mind, and still, when I am writing this post, I’m just unable to take those down along with that revulsive feeling!

I mean you can go and search for anything on the internet, there must be thousands or millions of porn sites, but why ‘recorded rape’!!

22 responses to “A horrid mind!

  1. Hey there buddy,
    We both are on the very same boat and may be page as well. At times whenever I am checking my stats page too, I encounter such words people used to come across my site but then again when I search it, I do not see my very own site! So that dazzles me too!
    I hope Word-Press ain’t making us fool! [lol] Anyway, enjoy the stats page, its always fun to be there!

    • Hey Naima, long time, eh?

      Haha.. I hope so, everything is fine with WP.
      yeah sure it is fun 😀

      But I was shocked due to the search term, I mean why would you search for ‘recorded rape’!

      • I was stunned too when I saw a term in my blog-stats saying “How to do Suicide” and if that guy/girl was directed to my blog to read what I wrote regarding the suicide, I hope he/she has been able to change his/her mindset! I was dazzled and fired outta world after reading that! I think as bloggers we should start getting use to it if we take a bold step to write about Rapes and Suicides and other controversial topics!!!

  2. There are many twisted minds out there. Perhaps we encounter them more directly in the boiling pot of the web. I also found a disturbing email address and search when I first began my blog. It seemed to be coded somehow and it led to somebody who in several URLs was advertising the availability of children up to age 12… I was revolted and furious – what were these criminals doing in a visit to my pages? after reporting it to WordPress – they could do nothing because the URLs were not in WP – I made several telephone calls and I was able to report that thread to a U.S. government agency. To add to the horror, it was the bureau that keeps tracks of and searches for missing children. It took me days to recover from the thoughts about what those URLs really meant. I now check my stats with a keener eye.

    • Oh my, this was so shocking!
      Through this post I’ve learned various experiences from others, and I am really sad to know that all. How surprising some things could be!

      You started it very well with,”Perhaps we encounter them more directly in the boiling pot of the web”. I totally agree with it.
      Thanks for sharing this.

  3. That is horrific. As a survivor of child molestation thank you for being horrified on behalf of those of us who lived thru such trauma. A few years ago I found a TV spot from a evening news channel that delt with lesbian gangs raping women in Tennessee and I still occasionally get hits on my blog from people searching for lesbian rape. So I know what you mean.

  4. I can sense from your post that perhaps you might be blaming yourself for the articles you posted on molestation.You are an intelligent and sensitive man who uses his blog only for good and positive exchange.We can hope and pray that this person will be found before he can ruin any lives. Take Care my friend. Nancy

    • Thanks for your support, Nancy!
      Hey how is your son about whom you mentioned that day? I hope he’s doing good.

  5. Hey Tapish, you cant see your blog while searching for those words because, our searches depends on our previous search history and the pages that comes up are related to that. That’s how it works. The search engines are designed like that for security reasons. Don’t know how that person landed at your blog.
    Well…such peolple also exists.
    – Pragati

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